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EOFY Top Pop Up + Mini Catalogue 2018

EOFY Top Pop Up + Mini Catalogue 2018

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We have turned our 3 most successful Pop Up Stores from the last 2 years into Top Pop Up Stores. These events will run as a normal Pop Up Store in our Instagram with Silver, Gold and Platinum Sponsors with the added bonus of a Mini Catalogue followers can access for free!

How does it work?

This 8-day event will be divided into two parts:

  • Part 1
    From Tuesday to Friday, we promote both the Pop Up Store and Mini Catalogue to help you get great exposure and direct sales.
  • Part 2
    From Saturday to the following Tuesday, we focus on the Mini Catalogue to help you get long-term followers and fans!

Pop Up Store

Lead by Stylish Kids Australia, you and over 100 businesses will promote the event together, making it seen everywhere.

  • We organise everything
    • Your promotional image
    • Posting to our page
    • Group shout outs
    • Plus all the extra features we've added to the event which are our secret to making the event so big!
  • We help you meet, collaborate and create friendships with loads of amazing businesses. The long-term growth we want you to achieve isn't just based in sales, but in exposing your business to a larger audience and to potential business partners!
  • By working with other Instagram business and with the award-winning @stylishkids_australia, your store will be shared with and reach over 1 million followers!

Mini Catalogue

Be a part of our an online catalogue, where your audience can flip through pages featuring your brand with links directly to your website!

  • Your product will be promoted in a "Shop the Look" products page with other sponsors.
  • Your Pop Up Store promo will also be featured on a page with the discount you are offering plus a link to your Instagram account.
  • One Amazing Insta Mama Ambassador will feature Platinum sponsors products in a photoshoot at her home.

Compare Our Levels of Sponsorship

Silver Gold Platinum
Get your store posted on SKA's award-winning Instagram account!
Posted below row 30 Posted between rows 11 and 30 Posted between rows 1 and 10
Posted after Silver and Gold Sponsors
Featured in one Insta Story during the event.
One Product placed in an Instagram Group Feature and shared by all stores in the feature.
Group Feature posted to SKA Instagram Group Feature posted as Top Featured Product on SKA Instagram
Your linked store featured on the SKA Website
Your linked Store image and sale featured in our Mini Catalogue
Your linked Product placed in a Shop the Look page in our Mini Catalogue
Featured in Styled Photoshoot with our Insta Mama Ambassador