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FEB Top Pop Up + Mini Catalogue 2018

FEB Top Pop Up + Mini Catalogue 2018

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We have turned our 3 most successful Pop Up Stores from the last 2 years into Top Pop Up Stores. These events will run as a normal Pop Up Store in our Instagram with Silver, Gold and Platinum Sponsors with the added bonus of a Mini Catalogue followers can access for free!

How does it work?

This 8-day event will be divided into two parts:

  • Part 1
    From Tuesday to Friday, we promote both the Pop Up Store and Mini Catalogue to help you get great exposure and direct sales.
  • Part 2
    From Saturday to the following Tuesday, we focus on the Mini Catalogue to help you get long-term followers and fans!

Pop Up Store

Lead by Stylish Kids Australia, you and over 100 businesses will promote the event together, making it seen everywhere.

  • We organise everything
    • Your promotional image
    • Posting to our page
    • Group shout outs
    • Plus all the extra features we've added to the event which are our secret to making the event so big!
  • We help you meet, collaborate and create friendships with loads of amazing businesses. The long-term growth we want you to achieve isn't just based in sales, but in exposing your business to a larger audience and to potential business partners!
  • By working with other Instagram business and with the award-winning @stylishkids_australia, your store will be shared with and reach over 1 million followers!

Mini Catalogue

Be a part of our an online catalogue, where your audience can flip through pages featuring your brand with links directly to your website!

  • Your product will be promoted in a "Shop the Look" products page with other sponsors.
  • Your Pop Up Store promo will also be featured on a page with the discount you are offering plus a link to your Instagram account.
  • One Amazing Insta Mama Ambassador will feature Platinum sponsors products in a photoshoot at her home.

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