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Diamond Sponsor

Diamond Sponsor

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How does the Pop Up Store works?

--> Please read HERE about the Pop Up Store, and how it works!


What do you get from being a Diamond Sponsor?

* Exposure to an average of 1 million combined followers

* TOP Positioning in our event feed. Your store promoting image created by us will be seen before all other stores

* Inclusion in our TOP FEATURED PRODUCTS Moodpboard.

* Feature Post about our 9 Diamond Sponsors 

* Newsletter - About our 9 Diamond Sponsors to 2000 subscribers. Inclusion of a product image and link to your Instagram.

* Double Exposure - Your store image posted in both our pages @stylishkids_australia and @stylishkids_popupstore during the event.

* Diamond Sponsors have huge success from our events and are responsible for a massive part of the sales alone.

What do you have to do?

Our events are a massive team effort, we count on all stores to post as groups to reach as many followers as possible. Diamond Sponsors are not free as such, we see as an exchange of services. We will wave the $350 entry fee in exchange for you to:

* Post at the compulsory times

* Send a Newsletter to your mailing list in the weekend of the Pop Up Store to let them know you are part of the Pop Up Store and inviting them to visit all other stores participating.

* Participate in a Giveaway if we decide to have one leading up to the event

* Be proactive about promoting our event.

 How do I become a Diamond Sponsor?

* Once you have accepted the above, please use the checkout code given to you to purchase this item. There will be no out of pocket expenses.

* We will send you a form "What we need from you" so you can get your details and images sent to us in your earliest convenience.

* We will then send you a schedule of Group Posting Times, Promoting Images, your store image, Captions, etc.

* We will add you to a DM group to send you reminders 

Terms and Conditions

By signing up to this you are committed to promote and be our brand representative during the event. You must follow ALL POSTING TIMES as per schedule that will be sent to you. The non participating of the promoting of the event will result in you being charged the above fees as an usual participant would be.

We love and need amazing business supports and we are so thankful to have you in the event but this is by no means a freebie but an exchange of services. We have a whole team working to create your images and add you to the top of our event, and if we were to charge those amount are what stores would pay to be at that level of exposure.

Our participating stores look up to you for inspiration and if they notice you are not being our true ambassadors they will feel as though they also don’t have to promote the event, which it’s success relies 100% on Team effort.