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Build Your Business + Self Love Series

Build Your Business + Self Love Series

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GOLD COAST - 26th June, Mermaid Beach (10-2pm)

So here it is!

BUILD YOUR BUSINESS + SELF LOVE SERIES- Build your Dream Business while falling in love with yourself!

My biggest passion from the day I started my business has been to empower other women, regardless that being through their business or through sharing my own self love journey so they can also learn to put themselves first.

Through the last 4 years, my little BIG IDEA of promoting other mums businesses online through marketing events went from being a Instagram page @stylishkids_australia to Monthly online markets with over 100 stores each time and sending over $3 million dollars to those small businesses, to then an Online Magazine STYLISH, speaking events and workshops around Australia on how to grow a business online and now an Online Academy called Stylish Mama Bosses Academy which helps all new and stablished businesses go from an idea to a successful business. I'm so proud of my business (and of myself) to have created such incredible ideas from the ground and to have worked and empowered over 2000 mamas just like myself to pursue their dreams.


This year started with a massive desire to CONNECT for me. I want to meet as many mamas face to face and truly connect and become part of each other's journeys, in business, motherhood and womanhood.

I want in each session, to give steps and tools to grow YOUR ideas, dreams and be able to take the time to meet other mamas in business while growing your own.

We will start the Sessions in the Gold Coast, only because its one of my most favourite places and I've found the most perfect little venue that will inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.

So what can you expect from our BYB Series?

We will have a session Once a month, in the Gold Coast, for 4 hours each.

Here are our first 2 sessions:

Session 1 - NEXT 6 Months Goal Settings ( June 2019, Mermaid Gold Coast)

Our first workshop is perfect for all new and existing businesses or if you are just curious on how it works to grow a business online!

We are building a space to work on your business, products/service ideas and personal life ideas and goals:

* Learn the steps on How I started my Business and Self Love journey.

* We will brainstorm your ideas, beginning with your passions and finding how your ideas will bring you fulfilment and real life purpose.

* Work all your career and personal goals with my very own Goal Setting + Self Love Planner, which will make you leave the workshop feeling accomplished and knowing exactly the next steps towards your dreams (or towards a project you have been wanting to take of the ground)

* You will have me to coach you throughout the day and help you with all your questions. 

* Pre-work: You will receive the recordings to my 4 hours Online Workshop : How to Grow You Business Using Instagram + 1 hour Online Masterclass: Goal Planning and turning your dreams into reality step by step.

* Includes: The BIG PICTURE 6 Pillar Strategy + Goal Setting Planner + Self Love Planners 

* Workshop will run from 10am to 2pm