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Hello! I'm Roberta Fairbanks, The founder and CEO of the Award Winning Stylish Kids Australia.

I have started Stylish Kids Australia in 2015 after becoming a mum and wanting MORE than just a 9-5 job that paid my bills. I wanted to Inspire my daughter to feel passionate, follow her dreams and love what she does. It all started when I bought a necklace from a store on Instagram and I soon realised there were so many mumpreuners "living the dream", leaving their jobs and working from home while with their babies.

The idea of our business started as a place for me to keep track of all the amazing products in the Instagram Market as well as to find inspiration to decorate Violet's new room, but it soon become the most loved Insta - Directory @stylishkids_australia for Mama Makers and Shakers businesses in Australia. Today with over 43k followers, it has allowed me to have the lifestyle I aways dreamed off.

It was from very early on that I knew my passion was to empower and showcase Australian Mums Businesses. Very soon, we launched our own Online Pop Up Store @stylishkids_popupstore which in the last 2 years has brought close to $2M to Mamas just like you and I! With over 1 million people reached monthly, its a Award Winning Concept that has taken me to Top 10 Digital Innovators in Australia by ausmumpreuner and has made of us a household name in Australia.

We are very excited to announce our new addition to the family, Stylish. An online interactive Catalogue that will showcase the best of the Instagram Mama Makers and Shakers and bring to mums around the World an amazing Magazine to browse and shop while the kids sleep! Ohhh those dreamy moments!

 Now, with more than 66k followers, a team of 4 Stylish staff, a million views a month in our online events, I have worked with over 1600 small businesses mums and I go around Australia  mentoring many small businesses to use my Strategies to Monetise their small business on Instagram and believe they can live their dreams!